Why Aren’t Humans Naturally Nocturnal?

Our bodies depend on light and dark for optimal sleep patterns. Here’s why sleeping with the lights out is more important that you think.

Why Do We Yawn? – http://bit.ly/28SDDts
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Lights Out For A Good Night’s Sleep
“How many times have you fallen asleep with the lights, or television on, or even stayed up late to use your computer right before going to bed?
A key factor in regulating sleep and your biological clocks is exposure to light or to darkness so falling asleep with lights on may not be the best thing for a good night’s sleep.”

Diurnality, Nocturnality, And The Evolution Of Primate Visual Systems
“Much of the recent research on the evolution of primate visual systems has assumed that a minimum number of shifts have occurred in circadian activity patterns over the course of primate evolution. The evolutionary origins of key higher taxonomic groups have been interpreted by some researchers as a consequence of a rare shift from nocturnality to diurnality or from diurnality to nocturnality.”

You Asked: What’s The Best Bedtime?
The earlier the better? 11 PM? Sundown? Sleep experts say it’s not that simple. But there is a time range you should shoot for if you’re questing for a perfect night’s sleep.


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