Where the “Fake News” List Originated & Why You Should Be Concerned

Mike Paczesny | The Rundown Live

The “fake news” list that is being promoted by a scorn liberal Hillary/Bernie Supporter ‘Assistant Professor’ Melissa Zimdars (who formerly followed us on twitter) didn’t even create the list, she stole it from (FakeNewsWatch.com) created by an Illinois Republican “Linwood ‘Lennie’ Jarratt”, who compiled the list from various sources.



First off let me say I had been made aware I was on this list more than a year ago live on the radio show. Why is she getting the credit? Because she has the platform, and her qualifications as an “assistant professor” automatically give her list credibility according to mainstream media. In reality she based her list solely off of Jarrat’s list. Take a brief look at Zimdars background to judge for yourself.


The main-stream media took this story and ran with it because of their disdain with the Trump victory. It can and will be used as a spring board to further silence free speech on the internet. Something the extreme left has openly promoted.

This list was actually formulated by a failed republican, leading to a rather simple search for “fake news” which guided Zimdars to this site which she formulated her list that got all the attention of major news outlets. It does not end there, Jarrat’s list was also composed of a list post made by a website called “FortLiberty.org” . Which seems to be the origination of the list. Doing some basic WHOIS searches I found some interesting ties.

First of all the site founder is listed as Will Spencer. A Ron Paul hater, which presumably got us (The Rundown Live) on his radar.



You can see in a reply, he was called out over 8 years ago (Thx internet).


But the site is registered to a “Maja Spencer”.


Look who’s connected!


A brief search for Maja Spencer led me to find some interesting ties. First, we will look at some brief info on Maja. You can also visit her own website where she lists “I graduated from the University of Political Sciences, Department of International Relations, in 2005. First I was in love with the fields of security, propaganda and manipulation. After many years of studying psychology, sociology and psychopathology, I started writing books.”


Another interesting thing, when you go back to look at the Fort Liberty registration, you see the city and country, Ordino, Andorra. Andorra is a tax haven, which provides financial secrecy to international banksters. Which can lead you down an entirely different trail.


We literally have ties to government, education, propaganda, manipulation, security, and banking. This should be alarming at least.

Who are these people really? Why is an intolerant liberal professor getting so much clout for a list she didn’t even create? The ties to neoconservatives with Linwood, and Spencer where the list actually originated are suspect alone, but now with a liberal megaphone these ideas are now being pushed onto mainstream America. We really have no idea what we are dealing with, but understand this will affect your ability to share information in the coming future.

If we don’t have the ability to share our stories on social media, how long before other organizations are targeted? Who is deciding what is legitimate and what isn’t? Is the glass half full or half empty, it all depends on the person’s opinion.

This is the exact example of why mainstream news cannot be trusted, biased information being used to form an “educated” opinion and force feed it to the American population as gospel.