What If North and South Korea Went To War?

The Ritual That Helped Laura Ling Survive North Korea – http://testu.be/1JvKGCT
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North and South Korea have been enemies for decades. With tensions growing on the divided peninsula, we wanted to know, what would happen if they went to war?

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South and North Korea agree deal to reduce tensions
“South Korea has agreed to halt cross-border propaganda broadcasts as part of a deal with North Korea to defuse tension after recent confrontations.”

South Korea: Propaganda broadcasts at North to resume after landmines
“South Korea says it will resume broadcasting propaganda messages over its heavily armed border with North Korea in retaliation for landmine blasts that wounded two of its soldiers.”

South Korea Military Strength
“Sharing a border with its unpredictable northern neighbor has forced South Korea to manage a large, modern fighting force as a precaution.”

North Korea Military Strength
“The secretive nation of North Korea continues to pour money into its war machine while testing its southern neighbor when possible.”

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