What Does It Mean To Be Awake?

Mike Paczesny

Have you ever asked yourself this question? “What does it mean to be awake?” If you have, you are already participating more in reality than the average person. Now some would stop and say, “Well it means you’re not asleep!” and to that I would have to reply, True, but what does it really mean to be awake, in a state of realization, where you start to realize things aren’t as they appear. There is an old saying just because you are breathing doesn’t mean you’re alive, I’d like to add, just because you’re alive doesn’t mean you’re awake. Being awake is a much deeper connotation then whether or not you’re literally “awake” (from a sleeping state). It’s figurative terminology and that is the very reason this is used to describe individuals who “pay attention” versus those who choose not to, or “asleep”(zombie) by either not participating or indulging themselves in real world events and issues, or remain in a fantasy state due to manufactured entertainment that is proven to trick the brain into believing unrealistic fantasy behavior is normal or even regular.


Alternative media has hit this issue head on, and Jeff Durkin and Steve Boutelle of We Are Change Connecticut have been hard at work on a video asking this very question. The people who appear in the video are recognizable to some due to the fact of their public ‘awakenings’. It seems certain types of individuals that experience this process, no matter what stage, have to start informing others, and helping others transition away from the ‘fantasy’.

Earlier this year Jeff & Steve with We Are Change CT asked people on Facebook & Twitter to make a video answering this one question: What Does it Mean to Be Awake? we also included responses from our interviews with Journalists, Activists & Music Artists.
What we learned from this project is whether you’re involved with spreading the message of awareness through Music, Activism or Journalism that information is power. Thank you so much to everyone who participated in this project, enjoy the video and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

We Are Change CT

The names are in no particular order Stewart Rhodes, Travis Provo, Luke Rudkowski, Adam Kokesh, Mike Paczesny, Craig Fitzgerald, Glenn Greenwald, Adam Armstrong (Rebel Inc), Tatiana Moroz, Abby Martin, Col. Ann Wright, Rev. Graylan Hagler, Eugene Puryear (ANSWER Coalition), Robert Erick, Gabriel Brown, Miguel Peralta, Larry Swanson, Bob Phillips, Derrick Broze, Larry Pratt, Danny Mason, David Crowley (Gray State), Mike Figa (AE911), Curt Williams (Syracuse Cop Block), Professor Griff (Public Enemy), Mike Pellagatti, Cat Watters, Lee Camp, Moises Valencia, Velcrow Ripper, Immortal Technique