West Virginia Tap Water Testing Positive for PCP?


Mike Paczesny | The Rundown Live

Tap water is testing positive for PCP in Clarksburg, West Virginia, according to Nathan Wolfe.https://i2.wp.com/upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/bf/PCP.jpg?resize=210%2C225
Nathan tested the tap water, because at the business they were running Urinary Analysis and got a few positives on PCP. He didn’t believe one of the people ever did PCP let alone has seen it. So he assumed it was a chemical in the water or food that was being consumed.

First thing he did was test the tap water and it was a positive. There is nothing fake in the video.

The water board and dept of health….. concluded there was no method to test the water for PCP. When there are clearly methods available besides a urine test. I guess it was my response to the published conclusion. I posted a couple of viable tests.”

He claims to have tested it multiple times at different locations, and the he was “asked to stop pursing it by my family“.

It tested positive for 3 days with 2 different types of tests.

Clarksburg Water Board General Manager Dick Welch said that the water board has tested the tap water from Wolfe-Furner Insurance, where the complaint originated, and results showed that the water was normal.

The Water Board said that it is working to locate an independent lab to test the water specifically for the drug as a precaution, also they contacted the manufacturer of the drug test kit used by the customer, who stated tests are to be used for urine only and any other substance could provide a false positive.

Welch also said that standards for testing water specifically for PCP do not exist, therefor locating an independent lab to test the water was unsuccessful.

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Water Board digging up the parking lot