Wellington Village Board Member Gives Nazi Salute, says ‘Heil Hitler’ on TV


Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

‘Heil Hitler’ is the phrase Marcia Radosevich will be remembered for a long time. Radosevich, a Florida zoning board member,  brought a community meeting to an abrupt awkward halt when she used a stiff-armed gesture and a loud ‘Heil Hitler’ to compare village’s planning directors power grab to Adolph Hitler.

Wellington’s Director of Operations Jim Barnes watched it unfold on TV CBS58 reports.
“I was surprised and taken aback, particularly that it was personalized. But you still don’t expect that in a public setting from a public official.”

Marcia Radosevich objection was to a proposal that would strip discretionary powers from the village’s development review committee to Tim Stillings and his staff in the Wellington planning and development service office.”

The Palm Beach Post reported that Stillings was taken aback. “Wow,” he said. “Wow. That might be a bit over the top, I think.”

There are many other ways she could have expressed her disappointment in the discussion and power grab.

“It was extremely inappropriate,” said Village Attorney Laurie Cohen. “I understand that she felt strongly about the point that she was trying to make, but I think the words she chose and the gesture she made were really inappropriate.”

Since the even over a week ago, Radosevich has offered her resignation. In her resignation letter, Radosevich detailed how she will make a donation to the Anti-Defamation League “as a gesture of where my heart and mind reside.”  She went on to express her understanding of “the horror of Nazi Germany” and has “been the subject of anti-Semitism and would never intentionally subject another person to that experience.”

Radosevich also communicated that her grandfather was interned in a concentration camp and her father, a World War II veteran, suffered post traumatic stress syndrome from fighting the Nazis.



  • I’m not real sure why everyone is giving her a hard time. She saw how this was going to turn out. One person to rule….. Hmmmmm, sound familiar?