Washing Car in Driveway, Illegal in New York

Mike Paczesny | The Rundown Livecar-washing copy

UPDATED 12/17/13 4:10AM

In America(specifically in New York) , you are a criminal, you just don’t know it. A simple call will get police at your door, if not raided.

See something say something right? Hassle your neighbor for washing a car in their own private driveway.

Although the police didn’t issue any tickets, the intimidation is evident.

The officer says “You don’t want a battle do ya?

Village of Garden City, New York ordinance reads:
§ 178-3
Cleaning or washing of rugs, furniture or vehicles.

No person shall wash or cause to be washed, clean or cause to be cleaned, beat or cause to be beaten any rugs, curtains, furniture, tapestry, clothing or other like articles upon any sidewalk, public street, highway or public place within the village, and no person shall wash or cause to be washed any motor vehicle or like conveyance upon any public street, highway or public place .

Village of Garden City ordinance book online.