Was a Megalithic site discovered in SE Wisconsin?

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Liveatlan

Is a SE Wisconsin state forest attraction known as the “Brady’s Rocks”  really a megalithic site?

Many believe these structures are the result of glaciers.  The structures in the video look at times well organized and have accurate angles.

The history in the area is very broken and the area allegedly was home to many tribes over the last few thousand years.

If the Brady Rocks are remains of a megalithic structure it would not be alone. Wisconsin is also home to the Aztalan Effigy Mounds.

The Aztalan Wisconsin location dates back to around 1,300 CE and is believed to have been inhabited  by the Mississippian culture by examining the artifacts found at the location. Although no one is really sure who built the structure that looks almost pyramid like at times.