U.N. warns America: Legalizing marijuana violates int’l law

The United Nations has issued the United States a stern warning against a state trend to legalize marijuana, for recreational or medical use: Doing so violates international law.

The International Narcotics Control Board, the global body in charge of overseeing drug treaties, issued a warning about the “unprecedented surge” in “legal highs” — those that stem from medically approved marijuana use — and said immediate action is needed to stop the trade, The Guardian reported. The group also warned the U.S. government to crack down on medicinal marijuana laws.

“In some U.S. states, they are being operated in a way that is completely inappropriate and outside of the [treaties],” INCB said, in its just-released report.

The INCB, an offshoot of the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime, had especial criticism for Colorado and Washington, where marijuana can be used for recreation.

“They also undermine the humanitarian aims of the drug control system and are a threat to public health and wellbeing,” said Raymond Yans, INCB president, The Guardian reports.

Eighteen U.S. states have medical marijuana laws, The Guardian says.

Those laws are little more than “a back-door to legalization for recreational use,” Mr. Yans said.

By Cheryl K. Chumley

The Washington Times



  • Don knotts

    Does the UN know that the CIA ships all the hard drugs into our country and the big banks launder the money? The UN can suck big phat elephant dicks! An international body holds no dominion over our sovereign nation. That’s why we have states rights and a constitution to protect them. Well at least we used to. Fuck off UN!

    • Man from Germany

      True words Mr Don knotts. They`re completely worthless.
      Nobody needs smartasses like them. UN = UNITED nations.
      UNITED ?
      Does every country in the UN have the same percentage of power and influence? NO ?
      Then how nac you call it UNITED NATIONS?!

      The UN is a fake made to let us believe that there is a progress of sanity and justice controlled by some kind of global government which is what we need.

      But the UN is not like that. At least not a 100 percent which is required to be trusted.

      Don`t know why I`m writing this text. Nobody will notice and it will disappear in the past of the internet. But it doesn`t matter. The mighty people should notice, that there is a growing mass that gets sick off that fake politics.

      Let sanity arise.

      HuMan from Germany

      Have a nice day readers.

  • tell UN to stop killing innocent people around the world instead of putting their nose where it doesn’t belong AGAIN !!! …bunch of retards !!

  • Nacho

    I’m insulted that the UN thinks it can override the people’s popular vote. What is their definition of democracy?? The people of Colorado have absolutely no say in UN rulings or law, yet the UN figures it can pass laws on us that contradict our democratic choices?
    My best guess is that the pharmaceutical companies are going apeshit as they watch Americans take control of their own medication, and now they are funding anybody and everybody who could stop this from spreading, or kill it altogether.

  • Margaret

    So, lets change the treaties. Are they set in stone, or can humanity progress past the Dark Ages now?

  • Dick

    Nacho hits the nail on the head. I’m sorry, but this is our sovereign right to democratically choose what laws should be applicable. We have decided (in some states) that this is a “non-issue”. If the UN cannot recognize our process and political system, then we just need to step out of their little club.