Vince Foster Goes Missing — Again

This time it’s just the FBI reports regarding Hillary Clinton & Vince Foster that have gone missing — missing from the National Archives. It’s not the first time documents have gone missing from the National Archives that might embarrass or incriminate the Clintons. Bill Clinton’s National Security Advisor, Sandy Berger, made 4 trips to pilfer and destroy documents.

Roger Stone recounts the history of document destruction, murder and sham investigations that have characterized the Clintons on multiple cases for decades, focusing on Vince Foster, Sandy Berger and Ken Starr.

Stone reviews the forensic evidence that refutes the official story of the suicide of Vince Foster.

Then we look at how Sandy Berger’s crude destruction of evidence fits the pattern of criminal cover-ups used by the Clintons.

Finally, Stone looks at Ken Starr, who recently resigned as law professor following his prior resignation as President and Chancellor of Baylor University after ignoring rape allegations made against star athletes at Baylor. It’s a fitting end to his career. After his sham investigation of Bill Clinton and before the rape scandals at Baylor, Ken Starr defended Bill’s pedophile friend Jeffrey Epstein.

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