Video Hoax: Burning Man is Not Coming to Bundy Ranch

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Livebundyfest

Multiple mainstream media outlets including Rawstory and The Blaze reported that Burning Man festival would be taking place at Cliven Bundy’s Ranch this year after a video went viral and no one did a background check on the creator.

According to the events facebook page the creator of the video has no relationship to the actual burning man festival and has never participated in the festival.

The post states:

A quick point of correction: I am NOT ‘the organizer of Burning Man.’ Some outlet announced that late on the first night — without ever bothering to ‘Google’, much less call me — and all the others have run with it. My apologies to Burning Man, but seriously: If you went to bed one night, and woke up the next morning to find that some blog had reported that you were (INSERT WHATEVER HERE), and every news outlet on Earth was now blasting it 24/7, what would YOU do about that, exactly?

I’ve corrected this as I can, but I don’t run these news outfits. IDEALLY, they hire people who fact check before going to press, rather than just grabbing stuff from random blogs.

When I used the word ‘we’ in the video, in conjunction with Burning Man, it is because I consider those desert artists and freedom-loving participants to be part of my culture. I have in fact never BEEN to Burning Man (although I’d like to go — maybe this year )

I have also never been to Japan, and am not Japanese; but when I am discussing, for example, Fukushima, and the dangers of nuclear power, I also refer to collective humanity as ‘we’.

In fact, when I refer to Cliven Bundy’s issue with the federal government, I also refer to ‘we’, because Cliven, and I, and you, and all of us, are in this same boat together — whether any of us like it or not (and for the record, if ‘a house divided against itself cannot stand’ … well, we probably shouldn’t try sailing two separate halves of a boat, either).