Video: Bill O’Reilly & Megyn Kelly Talk About on Fox

Mike Paczesny | The Rundown Live

Bill O’Reilly did a feature on Texas CopBlock, saying that they ‘spy on police‘.

Reilly claims “there is already enough stress on police without these clowns chasing them around.

The police claim sometimes ‘officers are followed‘.

Kelly goes on to say that what they are doing is completely legal in all 50 states, unless the police can prove harassment.

She also points out that ‘no one asked for this service‘ although public opinion greatly differs.

Copblock’s Facebook page has recently passed the FBI in likes, showing how accountability is popular.

According to

Cop Block is a decentralized project supported by a diverse group of individuals united by their shared goal of police accountability.

We highlight the double standard that some grant to those with badges by pointing to and supporting those harmed.

By documenting police actions whether they are illegal, immoral or just a waste of time and resources then putting direct pressure on the individuals responsible (ideally while recording and then later sharing), we can work together to bring about transparency and have a real impact. is a resource for the education of individual rights through the dissemination of different viewpoints and tactics that seek to curtail the all-too-common rights-violations and unaccountability that today exists.

We do not “hate cops.” We believe that no one – not even those with badges – has extra rights. The failure to realize and act on that is to our detriment. By focusing the disinfecting light of transparency on public officials we safeguard not just our rights but those of future generations.

CopBlock has groups in every metropolitan area in the US, and also around the world, Canada, Europe, and beyond.

The Rundown Live has featured CopBlock’s founders on the show here: