The Vaccination of a Nation


Doug O’Keefe

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There has been an apparent rise in the popularity of vaccination in our state, and in the country as a whole, over recent years. One can hardly turn on a television or a radio, open a newspaper, or even walk down the street without being subjected to advertisements for “shots” designed to immunize the customer against every conceivable disease/condition. There is, most likely, a department-store, drug-store, or both in your town that is offering vaccinations to patrons. Any member of our society who is of voting age can probably remember a time when vaccines were pushed only on the relatively healthy. Today, however, we are told by the drug companies, and the doctors and pharmacists who are on their payrolls, that pregnant women, infants, and the elderly need vaccines the most!

Coincidentally“, there has also been an apparent rise in autism, narcolepsy, paralysis, S.I.D.S., and a myriad of other conditions, known by the Environmental Protection Agency to be caused by mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum, and other toxins that are commonly found in popular vaccines. Very few of us can say we don’t know a young family that is currently coping with one or more of their children having autism, or some other neurological disorder. The following was obtained from

Over the last 12 years, the

· Prevalence of DDs has increased 17.1%—that’s about 1.8 million more children with DDs in 2006–2008 compared to a decade earlier;

· Prevalence of autism increased 289.5%;

· Prevalence of ADHD increased 33.0%;

One must consider the possibility that the rise in these disorders, which weren’t always common, could be associated with the rise in vaccinations, or, at least, some flaw in our approach to immunization. I am not of the persuasion that vaccination, in general, is a bad practice, or a flawed science. Vaccination, in and of itself, could be, and has been, used to promote the general health of individual patients. In our case, unfortunately, “Big-Pharma” owns the monopoly on health. Take, for example, my child’s “primary care physician,” who has expressed to my wife, personally, that he is “required by the American Pediatrics Association” to inform patients in the contrary to his own beliefs regarding the health of his patients. He believed that this was because the American Pediatrics Society was his boss, which was contrary to my belief that I was, in fact, his boss. After all, I was the one paying him for a service.

Even if my insurance company was footing the majority of the costs, I was still the one paying the premiums and deductibles. As I set out to understand why my child’s doctor felt that he was working for somebody other than my wife and I, I quickly learned, from many different sources, that doctors commonly make hundreds of thousands of dollars in “kick-backs” from drug companies. Also, these same drug companies were donating large sums of money to medical panels such as the American Pediatrics Association, most likely in an effort to gain influence over which procedures and practices are to be endorsed by these boards.

Moreover, these same drug companies have been on record as having struck deals with insurance companies to alter their policies to favor the prescribing of their pharmaceuticals as opposed to the generic or natural alternatives. It was becoming abundantly clear that the doctor was not mistaken, and he was not working for the $300 he was getting from me nearly as much as he was working for the $100,000 he could get from the drug companies. As I focused my research more on the vaccine industry, I discovered the “Vaccine Injury Compensation Trust Fund“. This is a trust fund started in 1986 for the sole purpose of paying settlements to victims of vaccine injury.Since its creation, the program has paid out 3,412 settlements in the amount of $2,777,620,433.90 (these numbers were accurate as of November 7, 2013). The billions of dollars paid out to thousands of people, who were legitimately harmed by vaccines, comes from a $0.75 tax per vaccine dose. I believe this is how the Center for Disease Control is able to claim general safety of vaccines, because the cases involving injury are typically settled out of court, and no judgment is ever made against the vaccine manufacturer.

  As I was researching the subject matter of this article, I learned that National Influenza Immunization Week (NIVW), is coming up in December. I’m certain that propaganda promoting the flu shot will be ramped up in the upcoming weeks. With this in mind, I would like to offer a few facts about the “flu shot” specifically. The Flublok shot, manufactured by Protein Sciences Corporation, is probably the safest flu shot out this year, considering that it is mercury and formaldehyde free. Flublok does, however, contain cells from the “fall armyworm“, the greenish-brown colored larva of a tropical moth. It is being hailed as “the next big thing” in vaccine cultivation. Your other options for an influenza immunization are cultivated from dog kidneys or chicken embryos, so I’m not sure, but the “bug-based” shot just might be the “least-gross” of the flu vaccines. Grossness aside, even the mercury/formaldehyde free Flublok vaccine, made with “pure” ingredients, warns of possible links to Guillain Barre Syndrome, anaphylactic reactions, and altered immunocompetence (in laymen’s terms, a deficient immune system), in its package-insert. P.S.C. also mentions that during all of their trials for Flublok, a “memory aid” was administered to recipients for the seven days following the vaccination. P.S.C. actually lists the disclaimer, “Vaccination with Flublok may not protect all vaccine recipients. had the following to say about possible, serious side effects of a flu vaccination:

Serious side effects usually begin within a few minutes to a few hours after receiving the shot. Possible serious side effects of vaccination include:

  • · Difficulty breathing
  • · Hoarseness
  • · Swelling around the eyes or lips
  • · Hives
  • · Paleness
  • · Weakness
  • · Racing heart
  • · Dizziness
  • · Behavior changes
  • · High fever

It is important to note that these are side effects that the vaccine industry is forced to disclose based on recorded reactions during trial cases. If there is no hard proof that a reaction was related to the immunization alone, the manufacturer can simply declare the case “unrelated”. The “package inserts” for the individual vaccines are much more revealing of the dangers associated with vaccination than the .gov websites are.

As we enter the flu season, I would like to encourage you to read the package insert of any shot you are offered. There is much to be said about these substances that will not be said by the vaccine industry, or a government that consists, largely, of politicians and bureaucrats who receive large campaign donations from the vaccine lobby. It is your responsibility to inform yourself, to the best of your ability, regarding the health of you and your family. Please don’t allow a corporation to inject its product into the veins of your children, just because that corporation says that you should. Make certain that every decision you make regarding the medical care of your family is a well-informed one. Remember that, no matter what you hear, you have a legal right to decline to inject toxins into you or your children. Most states, at a minimum, offer waivers from mandatory vaccination programs, based on religious liberties that are, somewhat oddly, still observed by the states. Here in Wisconsin, the state honors medical, religious, and philosophical objections to forced medication without consent, via a written waiver.

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