U.S. Army is Giving Away 13,000 MRAPs to Patrol America


Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Livemrap

Last year we saw colleges beginning to acquire MRAP vehicles. Now, according to Bloomberg, the United States Army is giving away 13,000 military grade armored trucks for free, which tax payers purchased for $500,000 each. The 20-ton MRAPs, or Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected trucks, were built with the intention to save U.S. soldiers from roadside bombs during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

These Military grade vehicles are to patrol U.S. city streets. Are they to direct traffic? What is the purpose of these vehicles on American soil? Did Department of Homeland Security not already purchase 2,727 armored vehicles for American streets? Why do we need 13,000 more?

We have seen U.S. law enforcement agencies already receiving high-powered military armored vehicles. This allows multiple districts to collaborate their MRAP’s and create a “small military unit” or a “small army” in your town or city.

Now if we have a small army in every city, who is to say someone corrupt would not attempt to take a city over or bully their community?  Does this make America a war zone if we now have military vehicles patrolling our streets?