Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) over San Diego Caught on Video Worries Locals

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

ufoo-SANDIEGOLIGHTS-570An unidentified flying object (UFO) was recorded over the city of San Diego, California and has locals baffled.

A object flying above the city flickered lights alarming locals.

Local resident Larry Fox forwarded pictures of what he described as red, blue and green “strobe lights” to local media.

“Some said they appeared to be red, blue, and green and kept flashing and changing colors. Some who saw them say the lights didn’t seem to move, like those on a plane or a drone,” NBC 7 San Diego reported.

After reports went viral, and an investigation of the area, it appears to be a hill, with antennas hidden by fog, that caused the illusion.

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