Unarmed Airman Shot by Police After Minor Traffic Accident


Mike Paczesny | The Rundown Live

Michael Darrett Davidson, 20, of Beckville, Texas, was shot in the stomach by Officer Phillip Hancock of the Opelika Police.

He suffered serious injuries to his stomach and colon, he may never fully recover from his injuries.

As a result he’s probably out of the Air Force” his father said.

According to a traffic crash report from the OPD, Michael was traveling north on I-85 in a 2004 GMC Envoy and was attempting to move from the outside lane to the inside lane when he struck an 18-wheeler with the driver’s side mirror.

Shoot first, ask questions later method puts former Beckville resident in Alabama hospitalHe exited the vehicle and went to check on the driver of the 18-wheeler, as he was on his way to exchange insurance information with the driver, Opelicka police officer Philip Hancock told Davidson to put his hands in the air.

Apparently there was commotion and noise due to the incident and interstate, the police had arrived, Michael turned around held his arms up, with only a wallet in one of his hands.

Then, according to what Michael told his father, “The next thing I know I was on the ground. … That’s when they shot me. I didn’t realize he shot me. I didn’t know what happened. It was so fast. They couldn’t have been there three or four seconds when I was shot.

He says police searched his vehicle before he had even received medical assistance. “Michael remembers seeing the officers searching his vehicle while he was laying on the ground. He tried to sit up and asking why he was shot, but he was pushed back to the ground and told to stay down,”

His father told the Panola WatchmanAfter being shot, the officer was yelling at Michael, asking where the ‘other person’ was, Michael was traveling alone, and has no idea who the ‘other person’ is.”

The officer who shot Davidson has been placed on paid leave as the matter is investigated.

The officer’s in-car camera was on. Investigators are awaiting toxicology results from the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences, so it could be weeks before anyone is given answers.

Billy Davidson went to the Opelika Police Department seeking answers. “Right now, the police aren’t giving me much information. I’d like to know why my unarmed son was shot. I’d like to know why they are trying to make him look like a criminal. I’d also like to know where Michael’s Encore is, and who the 18-wheeler driver was that was involved in the original accident. Michael’s a great kid with a bright future, and he doesn’t deserve this, When I asked why we hadn’t been notified sooner, I got an apology and was told they turned it over to the state and thought the state had notified us.”

The life of a 20 year old Airman will never be the same after a minor traffic accident, police left him with after-the-fact injuries from which he may never recover.