UK Parliament Caught Editing Wikipedia To Cover Up Scandals

John Vibes | ANTIMEDIA

The UK Parliament is covering its tracks following recent scandals that have threatened to engulf the entire government.

This week, it was reported that edits made to the Wikipedia page for British politicians were actually traced back to computers at the official address for the British parliament. The edits included the removal of scandals, such as arrests, allegations of sex parties, and claims of extreme corruption linked to expense accounts.

The Wikipedia entries were coincidentally edited just before election time, and it has been reported that over a dozen different pages were edited from the same address.

The content deleted ranged from Robert Blackman’s sexual exploits to the fact that Geraint Davies spent £2,285 on his kitchen and £1,500 on his living room using taxpayers’ money.

According to The Independent, nearly one in six politicians had their online Wikipedia entries changed from inside Parliament. As expected, every single one of them are vehemently denying any involvement in the edits.

Back in March we reported that a similar situation occurred with the NYPD, where edits to the pages of victims of police violence to make things appear as if the police were less responsible for the murders were traced back to NYPD headquarters.

Wikipedia is not a bad source of information for uncontroversial topics where a quick reference is needed, but when it comes to controversial topics or anything political or philosophical, you can be sure that special interests are closely monitoring those pages and making edits to present their version of reality to potential readers.

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