UFO Sighting in 1885 Reported by Newspaper, Uncanny Sounds and Mysterious Lights

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kentuckian1885ufoResidents of the regions known as Preakness, Haledon, and other suburbs around the area known as High Mountain New Jersey,  were willing to file affidavits after they heard  “uncanny sounds” and witnessed “mysterious lights” coming from the mountain region.

These glowing orbs performed acrobatic feats on top of the trees leaving individuals smelling like phosphorus according to the semi-weekly, South Kentuckian story published April 17, 1885 located in the library of congress.

“nearly everybody in the vicinity who has been near the foot of the mountain after dark will vouch for the statement that mysterious lights have been seen flitting to and fro up among the trees.”

A party of braver and brawnier lads went up to the mountains to solve the mystery 2 days prior:

“they soon returned with white faces and quaking limbs and informed those waiting by the stoves at the rendezvous that it was all well enough for them to be sitting there, toasting their shins and joking, but if they wanted to find out anything about the spooks they had better make the trip themselves. ”

However after warming up near the fireplace they started to become more communicative and told their hair-curling tail:

“They said they had climbed to the top of the mountain, where the lights had been seen, when all at once they were surrounded by lights that jumped around them and climbed the trees and performed other acrobatic feats.”

Although they happened to be “right in the midst  of the flames, not a hair on their head was injured and their clothing wasn’t even singed”, the article states. They also “smelled of phosphorus just as plain as it could be smelled”.

At that point members of the group that were not superstitious gathered courage, grabbed their firearms and charged the mountain to see for themselves.

The Kentucky newspaper published, “that they, too, soon returned, looking as pale as historical ghosts and shaking like rattle-boxes. ” and the group then decided to not head for home until daylight.

Since then, the phenomena was witnessed by scores of those brave enough approach the densely wooded mountain region.

Superstitious residents believed the lights and sounds coming from High Mountain were beginning of something far worse.

“Old residents say that the same thing occurred just before the last cholera epidemic, and that the lights presage another visitation of that dread scourge.”, the article found in the library of congress states.

A similar incident was allegedly on record from 1836, and the same residents spent extra time in their homes just before death came to their doors.

An identical incident was recorded in Pike county, Pennsylvania in 1836 and residents as well spent much time bolted in doors.

Citizens from Pike county who pretend to be wise believed that the mysterious sounds and lights are the result of escaping coal gas, and that it really is no phenomena. They also believed the same to be true of the incident at High Mountain in New Jersey.

Also the article mentions, that natives  refused to go within gunshots distance of the location due to the related occurrences.

Today, High Mountain is a national park known as the “High Mountain Preserve” and the Pike county location could very well likely be a national park as well.

Milford, a city within Pike county, keeps UFO forums busy with alleged sightings even as recent as this year.


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