U.S. Navy is Developing a Cannon that can Launch 30 Drones in Under a Minute

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

The United States Navy may revolutionize how wars are fought. They are developing a cannon that can shoot a swarm of up to 30 drones in under 1 minute, Fox news reports.

The Low-Cost unmanned aerial vehicle Swarming Technology (LOCUST) is a prototype tube-launched unmanned air vehicle (UAV). The LOCUST program will make possible the launch of multiple swarming UAVs to autonomously overwhelm any adversary.

The video shows drones in a tube form ejecting from the cannon and then transforming mid-flight into a air plane and flying around the test site.

We wrote about self replicating 3d printing drones who can print drones in mid-flight to provide tools for just about any type of mission. They can also create additional drones during their mission to help repair or assist drones in battle. Imagine the 2 technologies combined.

Fox insider guest Kurt “The Cyber Guy” Knutsson explained that the drones can communicate with each other while in the air. This will allow for drones to assist each other in just about any military campaign.

“These are disposable drones. The two wings pop out from these tubes, and they communicate together using extraordinary technology the Navy has been working on,” Knutsson said, adding that this technology could be used for reconnaissance or attacking.

“I would say to our enemy now, ‘Watch out!'” Knutsson said. “Because this technology is due for primetime in about 2016.”

“The enemy is going to be looking up, going, ‘What in the heck is going on?’ Because they will simply just circle around, go do exactly what they’re intended to do,” Knutsson explained.

“This technology, mark my words, will be at the forefront of future military conflict.”


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