U.S. Army Tests Wireless Robots With Machine Guns



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Researchers are conducting cutting-edge investigations in the area of unmanned systems. Commercial companies lined up to displayed their armed robots to U.S. Army officers at Fort Benning, Georgia. Military leaders were anxious to see what the technology is capable of and how it could be used on the battlefield.

robot1These robots will be able to carry hundreds of pounds of supplies through difficult terrains.  The robots can be controlled from a laptop computer or a mobile controller from a remote location. Robots will likely be prepared with grenades, guns and anti tank missiles.

We are comforted by the fact that the military assured us these will not be unmanned. The U.S. Officer in the video below states “humans will have some role” and will ultimately make the final decision on who these robots will kill.

The controller of these robots at 1:10 in this video is functioning what looks like a Xbox 360 controller. This seems to be a repeating theme in the military which would make one believe there was a plan in place. Will this desensitize war and provide the user with a “Call of Duty” style entertainment? Should killing be fun?




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