Two Women Make History By Passing Elite U.S. Ranger Course

Military history is made as two women pass the U.S. Army’s grueling 62-day Ranger Course in Fort Benning, Georgia. Subscribe for more breaking news ►

The two women join 94 male soldiers to pass the grueling Army Ranger Course in Georgia.

Their names have not been released, but they are the first female soldiers to complete the course since it was opened to women in April.

The Army say the course has proven that every soldier, regardless of gender, can achieve his or her full potential.

It is designed to teach students how to “overcome fatigue, hunger, and stress to lead Soldiers during small unit combat operations.”

Those who’ve been through it say it’s gruelling. The course comprises several obstacle courses, a five mile run to be completed in 40 minutes, a swim test, land navigation test and four days of military mountaineering…among other challenges.

But for the women – and 94 men – perseverance paid off… The graduation ceremony will be held on Friday.

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