TSA Searching Amtrak Riders at Chicago’s Union Station

Julio N Rausseo | The Rundown Livetsa_terrorist_union_station_checkpoint

Raw footage of TSA agents searching select passengers before they boarded Amtrak Trains at Chicago’s Union Station.

The trend is continuing throughout the United States of TSA agents in places outside the airport.

For example, during the 2012 Presidential elections, TSA agents were spotted at 2 Paul Ryan events in Iowa and Florida.

During President Obama’s 2nd inauguration, TSA agents went out of their way to make sure Obama supporters were safe by checking their bags.

This isn’t the first time, TSA agents have been at Chicago’s Union Station.

Check out this video from 2012:



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  • Does anyone have any more information on this? Was this a one-off incident? If not, how frequently does it occur? Is it only coach passengers or sleeper passengers boarding via the Metro Lounge as well? Has anyone refused the search?

  • Reggie

    It’s nothing more than a dog and pony show. The only real safety measures that have been taken since 9/11 are strengthened and locked cockpit doors and travelers who will no longer sit by and allow troublesome activity on a plane. TSA is a very expensive show that infringes on all of our 4th amendment rights! Some of the sheep have even said they would agree to cavity searches to be safe…………….when will that go into effect? When will that become part of the dog and pony show? WAKE UP people, you will only be abused as long as you allow it. FYI, ZERO terrorists caught or attempts foiled as a result of the blue gloved wonders. Planes weren’t falling out of the sky before this show started! Americans are being conditioned to accept and follow orders without question.

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