Trump Claims His Remarks On Immigration Are Why He’s Leading In The GOP Primary

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Donald Trump’s campaign shows no signs of slowing down after a recently released 2016 GOP Presidential poll revealed he has more than twice the support of his closest competitor.

While on a trip to the Turnberry Golf Resort in Scotland, Trump stopped to speak with reporters regarding what has separated him from the other candidates thus far.

“The campaign itself has been amazing. New polls just came out today, Reuters, where we’re leading by a lot, we’re number one in the polls and it’s been, you know, an amazing tribute to a lot of people.”

“I think I represent a big section. I guess the poll today had me, with sixteen or seventeen candidates, had me at 25 percent, and the next person was at 12 percent, so that’s a big difference. So we represent a very big section of the country.”

Trump doesn’t believe his controversial comments about immigration have slowed him down at all. He then went on to claim that his honesty is what has led to his success in the early going.

“Illegal immigration in the United States is a huge subject and I brought it to the fore and everybody’s thanking me for it. I think that’s one of the reasons, I think that’s one of the reasons, that’s one of the reasons I became number one in the polls.”

When a reporter asked him whether he expected to win the presidency, Trump didn’t hesitate.

“I do. I do expect.”

The first Republican debate is scheduled for next week.

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