Toddler smoking from marijuana bong

WASHINGTON (WABC) — A mother in Washington state is in big trouble with the law after she allegedly videotaped her toddler taking a hit from a bong.

The newly released cell phone video shows a 22-month-old boy from Centralia, Washington, briefly using a lit marijuana bong.

His mother, 24-year-old Rachelle Braaten, is now under arrest.

When police confronted her, she allegedly said, “I guess it was a joke and stupid mistake that wasn’t really funny.”

She said the toddler’s demeanor didn’t change and he just went on playing.

When asked how she felt, she replied, “horrible.”

“Because he’s 2 and he shouldn’t have known about that,” Braaten said. “He shouldn’t have that in his body.”

When the Centralia police’s anti-crime team went to check on the boy’s welfare, they found 40 marijuana plants.

The boy’s father, Braaten’s fiance Tyler Lee, claimed he was a medicinal marijuana user. But he too was arrested, allegedly confessing he also sold the marijuana to a dispensary.

Child protective services took Braaten’s boy and placed him protective care, along with her 5-year-old child, while she deals with the accusations against her.

Lee was jailed over the weekend but released Monday pending the filing of charges.

Braaten remains in jail, held on $5,000 bail.



  • Seriously?! Wtf. . .
    These are the kind of people who give legitimate, medical marijuana patients a bad rap and make it harder for them to the medicine that enables them to go a day without a seizure or help them rid their bodies of cancer. These are the kind of parents that need to be put on an island with the other prime examples of why certain people shouldn’t procreate.