This Japanese Project For The First Underwater City Is Breathtaking

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Nearly 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water, so the concept of creating underwater cities is a definite possibility for mankind as our population continues to grow.

A Japanese architecture firm has just released their renderings of what would be the world’s first aquatic city. The firm says it could be constructed as early as 2035!  The city would be a gigantic, spherical structure that would be more than four football fields in length! The water and electricity supplies would extend nearly two miles deep into the ocean. The structure would have space for businesses, hotels, and homes for nearly 5,000 people, just off the coast of Japan.

The Shimizu Corporation stated in a press release that the goal is to “make the most” of the undersea space, as many areas on land face dangers from rising sea levels. “The Ocean Spiral” would have sustainable fisheries, plazas, and promenades for its residents. Don’t forget the deep-sea gondola system either!

Let’s take a look of this stunning project below.


The image about depicts the city from a distance. The lower “Infra Spiral” reaches to the ocean floor.


The “Blue Garden” sphere would measure 500 meters in diameter.


The massive inner atrium.


A “deep sea promenade” would provide open space for residents.


The “Blue Garden’s grand entrance.


A deep-sea gondola extends from the bottom of the sphere.


…and reaches almost two miles to the sea floor.

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