These Animals Can Change Their Sex At Will

Did you know that it’s possible for certain animals to posses both male and female characteristics? Check out this video to learn more.

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Self-fertilizing worms lose thousands of active genes in reproduction process
“A new University of Maryland study of worms that reproduce without a mate shows that not only have these creatures lost their mojo in the dating game of evolution, they’ve lost thousands of genes as a consequence.”

Androgynous Lionesses Strut and Roar in Manly Manes
“Five butch lionesses prowl the Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana. They have thick, bristling manes and guttural roars that can easily fool invaders or safari visitors into believing they are lions. But these lion queens actually use a pretty unusual hormonal trick.”

Strange but True: Komodo Dragons Show that “Virgin Births” Are Possible
“Indonesian dragons can breed without the benefit of masculine companionship. Last week, researchers reported in Nature that the only two sexually mature female Komodo dragons in all of Europe laid viable eggs without insemination from a male.”


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