The Young Turks VS Infowars Spectacle

Here we have Alex on Media Row at the RNC . Alex reaches the TYT youtube booth and is instantly met by a group of disheartened arrogant anchors harboring a clear loathing of all things Alex Jones. TYT ANCHOR Jimmy Dore appears to announce the attack that is about to transpire. Finally Cenk Uygar, the main host of The Young Turks loses it and his crew follows suit. Ana Kasparian even blurts out fat shaming insults as Alex is swarmed by the TYT crew.

Paul Joseph Watson writes “Towards the end of the confrontation, Ana Kasparian is caught on tape yelling at Alex Jones. “Get off the stage, you fat fuck!” she screams.

Aside from the fact that Jones is virtually the same size as Kasparian’s boss Cenk, her insult completely contradicts her previous conviction that people should not be shamed over their weight.”

Jimmy Dore on the left takes a drink and like a frenzied llama proceeds to spit it in Alex’s face and then shrinks back into the fray giggling and celebrating his own lack of any semblance of manhood. Chaos ensues as Cenk is triggered by a Bill Clinton t shirt with the word RAPE on it and then TYT host proceeds to unleash his vitriol for all things Republican on Roger Stone.

Immediately following the assault on Alex, within roughly 30 minutes all uploaded videos following the TYT debacle on the Alex Jones YouTube channel were shut down.
And then the TYT crew immediately went on the offensive belittling Infowars and Alex Jones.This was media row at the RNC, hardly a controlled set at media headquarters. This entire debacle could have been avoided had the TYT crew had the equanimity and been even moderately professional and politely gotten to the bottom of and managed any misunderstanding. However, The Young Turks succeeded in a cowardly display of self righteous pretentious arrogance and avarice so childish, that once the dust settles, complete embarrassment is sure to find its way to their petty conscience or ……maybe not.

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