The Year of the Independent 2016: The Argument For Jesse Ventura For President. A System Based On Bribery


The Rundown Live | Milwaukee’s Alternative Free Press News
Kristan T. Harris | June 18, 2013

With people every day waking up and yelling at their TV with current politics people are asking “how can i make a difference?”.  “How do i get involved?”.  The long thought over question has been will change in politics come from within the system or by a third party emergence from outside of our current system. To be honest, the truth is both. The honest answer is get involved any way you feel comfortable and get educated and vote your conscious. Today we will look at the 3rd party option. Why Jesse Ventura has a chance to be president if he runs in 2016.

The Year is 1998. Jesse Ventura had not polled higher than 20% up to the election day and pulled off possibly one of the biggest upsets in political history. No doubt the biggest third party election upset in the US in over 50 years! The voice of reason still resonates with the people of Minnesota. You can see this through Minnesota’s support for Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul who won 20 out of 24 delegates and won Minnesota over Mitt “The only thing conservative about me is my membership to the GOP” Romney who wrote Obamacare and ran against it.

When winning the maturity of his competitors reached an all time low as Democrat Skip Humphrey and Republican Norm Coleman were also stunned, and refused to concede long after Vetura was declared the winner. See if we do bribery in the private system we go to jail. The media worked hard against Jesse as well as politicians who arguably made his job a lot harder than a typical Governor.

Jesse Ventura recently stated on CNN

“The problem with politics in America is that the Democrats and Republicans that i explained in my book  have created a system completely based  on bribery. If we do bribery it is hypocrisy. If we do bribery in the private sector we go to jail. Yet their entire political system is based on bribery. Who can bribe and give the most money to a politician. Now thanks to our illustrious supreme court that ruled that corporations have the same rights as  individuals and that money is free speech. We are now being inundated by so much money from the corporations buying the Democrats and Republicans both sides ”

Jesse went on to explain how easy it would be lets say China to form a corporation here and support their executive for president based on the system we have today.

10 reasons why a Jesse Ventura presidency would help our nation.

10. In 16 Minnesota Polls conducted between January 1999 and December 2002, Ventura’s rating hit a high of 72% . Give me another politician who has had an approval rating that high? Congress is at 10% currently.

9. End the Federal Reserve. Return to the gold standard.

8. End pork-barrel spending; return surplus to the people.

7. Tolerance. Respect diversity, both cultural and lifestyle.

6. End Prison State. Prosecution and sentencing should be color blind.

5. War on Drugs is a failure. Treat Marijuana like we treat alcohol and tobacco.

4. Require  paper ballots and return to hand counting. Eliminate fraud. So what it takes us a few days to find out who won. At least the Answer would be right.

3. The Patriot Act guts the 4th Amendment. Get rid of big brother.

2. We’re losing our rights to the so-called War on Terror. Bring the troops home.

1. Downsize the government. Create transparency on secret programs that drain our federal funds. Return to the Constitution.