The US Military’s Evolving Transgender Policy


Currently, the U.S. military bans transgender personnel from service, but that could be changing. In a landmark ruling, the U.S. Army approved hormone therapy for transgender soldier, Chelsea Manning. So where does the military stand on the issue now?

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Chelsea Manning allowed to have hormone therapy
“Chelsea Manning, the US army intelligence analyst who was the source of the massive WikiLeaks disclosure of state secrets, has been granted hormone therapy in her transition to a woman, a report suggested on Thursday.”

The Courage of Transgender Soldiers
“It was 2 a.m., just a few days before Christmas, in a remote part of Afghanistan. Eight hours into a 16-hour shift, Ryan, a 23-year-old American naval sailor, was standing tense and alert, watching the footage of soldiers undertaking a nearby mission on a screen in front of him.”

Transgender Military Service in the United States
“This research brief offers analyses from several data sources to estimate the number of transgender individuals who have served in the US armed forces, including the number who are likely on active duty or serving in the Guard or Reserve forces, and the number who are veterans or retired from Guard or Reserve service.”

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Is It Legal to Discriminate Against LGBT

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