The Top Headlines You Should Know For The Week of February 14th

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

Tue-Friday I started making daily Rundown Live segments of important headlines that will impact your life. The quality of these will vastly improve over the week, and will continue to in the future.

(Headlines covered in video)

Sports analyst Brian Tuohy says NFL maybe rigging their own games, Twitter is censoring popular conservative posts, pirate drone army coming soon, fairy tales to teach robots morality, Bank expert calls for removal of $100 bill, Monopoly makes first cashless board game.

FBI orders back door system to access San Bernardino shooters phone, John McAfee offers to do it for free, weather modification in Idaho, animal human hybrids coming soon, real-life X-men, is Donald Trump a 9/11 Truther?, weird sound heard over Forest Grove, former student arrested for not paying back $1,500 loan by US Marshals.

Apple Secret Test Facility, Police Captain Makes a Video Challenges and Taunts Gangster, Flying Cars by 2018, Scientists to search for ancient megaliths VIA Space, Black Tar falls From the Sky in Michigan Town covers vehicles and houses, Scientists prove Washington Home Haunted

Arrested For Late DVD Rental, Micro Brains, Fridge Spys on You, Brokered Convention, Town for Sale