The Rundown Live #182 Chuck Baldwin (Liberty,Romans13,Control)


The Rundown Live #182 Chuck Baldwin (Liberty,Romans13,Control) (1/16/14) LIVE M-F 8C/9E

On this Thursday edition of The Rundown Live, Kristan and I go over the sponsors and site before we are joined by our guest Chuck Baldwin, Pastor and liberty advocate. We get in to many topics dealing with natural law, personal rights, Romans 13 authority, Ron Paul, religion, and much more. This one is worth checking out! Make sure you like, recommend and subscribe! Links below!




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  • In my opinion, Mr. Baldwin is spreading a false teaching. The only job the Church was given to do by Jesus, as it relates to the unsaved world, was spread the news of God’s gift of salvation. Not change governments or secular law to conform to Christian teaching. Despite Mr. Baldwins cries that American Government was intended to be led by Bible waving finger pointers, the truth is that America is a secular society Governed by documents that are supposed to insure that no one is forced to partake in Religion of any kind, no matter how passively. Our forefathers did indeed espouse Christian values as do many of us today. But Christian values were never to be a club to force people to live by anyone’s interpretation of God’s law. We opened our arms to the world and invited everyone in. No matter if they had a different religion or none. The condition for immigration was never that one had to follow Christian law no more than Sharia law.