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TSA Clowns with Security Theatre — LITERALLY!

Rather than deal with the airport gridlock that TSA has created, our security theatre is looking more like dinner theatre. Offered for your amusement and distraction: miniature horses and clowns — don’t bother they’re here. What’s next? Rainbow colored unicorns? Perhaps a Kafka play about mindless bureaucracy. But it’s not stupidity or incompetence. There’s a malevolent design behind the insanity.

Texas Moves on Gold & Independence
We look at populist uprisings and distrust of centralized, distant bureaucracies in both Europe and Texas as well as preparations that are beginning to be made.

Businessman Wants to Re-Create 9/11

Will flying a 747 into a skyscraper prove or disprove the official conspiracy theory?

U.S. Installing Puppet Dictators In Latin America

Anyone wondering why Bernie Sander’s socialist battle cry turned the stomach of many Americans, need only look at what is happening in Latin America right now. Reuters reports “Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro declared a 60-day state of emergency on Friday due to what he called plots from within the OPEC country and the United States to topple his leftist government. Maduro did not provide details of the measure. A previous state of emergency, implemented in states near the Colombian border last year, suspended constitutional guarantees in those areas, except for guarantees relating to human rights.”

Maduro is panicking after his socialist ally Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff was forced to step down in what she is calling a coup d’etat. It appears Obama is forcing his hand into yet another blatant example of his long list of corporacratic imperialism for the benefit of the New World Order. In 2002, Obama failed to overthrow Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. As Washington Post’s Scott Wilson, the paper’s Latin America correspondent at the time reported “The United States was hosting people involved in the coup before it happened. There was involvement of U.S. sponsored NGOs in training people that were involved in the coup … I think there was U.S. involvement, yes,”.

Maduro has every reason to believe the United States is fomenting his demise. Venezuela is sitting on the largest oil reserves in the world. However, the Venezuelan people are starving as Zero Hedge reports”

“..Hungry Venezuelans (are) protesting that their children are dying from lack of food and medicine and that they do not have enough water or electricity. As AgainstCronyCapitalism added, this is a country with more oil than Saudi Arabia, and the government has stolen all the money and now they bottleneck peaceful protesters and threaten them with bombs (or haul them to prison and torture them).

As pure desperation has set in, crime has becomes inevitable. A man accused of mugging people in the streets of Caracas was surrounded by a mob of onlookers, beaten and set on fire, mob justice is now the supreme arbiter of who lives and who dies.”

In the coming weeks, Obama will likely install a dictator friendly to the United States as he just did in Brazil. Kurt Nimmo writes, The Rothschild-owned magazine, The Economist, describes Michel Temer as Brazil’s “unplanned” president.

The 75-year-old law professor, who played a key role in the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff, became the South American country’s acting president on Thursday after Rousseff was suspended by the Senate on corruption charges.Temer’s rise to power, however, is not merely a happenstance event—it was arranged by the US State Department in much the same way the puppet government was put into place in Ukraine.On Friday, the whistleblower website WikiLeaks released an unclassified yet “sensitive” cable revealing Temer acted as an embassy informant for US intelligence and the military.

Maduro had supported Obama’s approach towards Cuba. However, as the long list of fallen leaders have come to understand with either their own deaths, invasion or incarceration. Obama wears many masks, but only serves one master’s instructions. That of the The New World Order.

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