The Hybrid Children Community: Alien/Humans Being Bred Secretly to Save Us? Nephilim DNA Proof?

The Hybrid Children Community is a group of people who believe that aliens have harvested their DNA to create a hybrid race by mixing human and extraterrestrial DNA to make superhumans that will soon return to earth to save us. Women Aluna Verse and Bridget Nielson are two women who are the face of this “community.”

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  • Elelel Lelele

    These people are deceived by demonic entities and fallen angels..

    Hybrid Children Community is discussed here and what is really going on

  • Pacman

    Aaahhhahahhahahahaaaa… You say they are mentaly ill and should turn to Jesus 4 should go to the doctor and get some help 4 your mentaly illness because mr Jesus and the “new testament” is a fairytaile 4 retards who can not use their brains and belives in a fucker upp the clouds..dammmmn..