The Government Cant Secure Prisons and Airplanes, How Can It Secure a Border?

John Vibes | ANTIMEDIA

Is it even possible?

In the wake of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, the international debate has once again turned to “border security” to prevent people from different parts of the world from crossing government borders.

However, government borders are somewhat of a utopian idea—especially when considering areas as large as Europe and the United States. In most of the world (and especially in Western countries), governments can’t even secure their own prisons and airports, which they have turned into fortresses. Furthermore, creating an effective and staffed wall for the border of the U.S. is barely even physically or financially possible—especially considering the country’s massive national debt.

Currently, most of the U.S. border is not even fenced or staffed with military, and this has not led to any disaster—aside from the waste in taxpayer funds. Over the course of a three-year project, the U.S. government spent $2.4 billion to build 670 miles of very unimpressive fencing along the Mexican border. Considering the U.S. shares roughly 6,000 miles of international borders, it would cost $19 billion to construct a small, unimpressive fence along that entire border. This figure does not include the cost of staffing the fence, or the costs that would come along with making a fence large enough and fitted with barbed wires, weapons, and a buffer zone. These additional expenses could easily double or triple the cost of a project like this.

Even if a massive wall were built and soldiers were staffed every few feet, the closed border would create a massive demand for immigration, and thus a massive financial incentive for soldiers and government workers to use their positions to smuggle people inside. This is exactly why drugs and contraband flow through prisons—behind many layers of walls and barbed wire. Even at airports, which are now as secure as prisons, people still regularly sneak guns and other prohibited items onto flights.

Another fact to consider in light of the recent hysteria regarding borders is that all of the terrorists from the recent attack in France who have had their identities confirmed, are all E.U. citizens.

Activist Michael Heise recently pointed out that shunning refugees will actually create a greater terror risk than letting them in:

“I feel almost 100% positive that a great way to create a whole lot more terrorism and hatred towards Americans is to allow a foreign policy that kills, displaces, and ruins the lives of millions—then when those millions try to flee the terror created by America, to simply deny any responsibility, tell them they are the dangerous ones, and reject them, pushing them back to a war-torn land where warlords have resources and can offer them a shot at revenge… Of course, there’s a Trojan Horse threat, but fear is being used against us to fall in line with the real isolationists—the neocons—whose advice has wrought so much destruction for the entire planet.”

The only solution to terrorism is to stop creating enemies and to stop waging war, but sadly, that is not an option currently on the table for the U.S. and European governments.

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