The Freaky Way Robots Are Becoming More Human

It’s been a few years since we’ve talked about a robot takeover here on DNews, how possible is it now? Could AI actually takeover?

The Robot Takeover is Coming! –
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With learning robots and emotional computers, AI becomes real
“The robotic cockroach was called Zeus, and it came into the world knowing only two things. First, it hated light. Second, it could move its body-though it didn’t know how, or what parts it had. Within five minutes, Zeus had learned to walk.”

Robot learning companion offers custom-tailored tutoring
“Working in the Personal Robots Group at MIT, led by Cynthia Breazeal, Gordon was part of a team that developed a socially assistive robot called Tega that is designed to serve as a one-on-one peer learner in or outside of the classroom.”

Unraveling the Ethics of A.I.
“The current issues around robotic companions are the first tricklings of a giant ethical storm. Fast-forward to a future of sentient machines. Doesn’t the issue of consent, at some point, have to factor in? Even in our present situation of primitive specimens like RealDoll, doesn’t the very idea of a female sex robot exacerbate the objectification of women?”

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