The Flat Earth 2015 – The Full Documentary

The new original content, compendium of updated better evidence proving the flat stationary earth. A perfect introductory video for viewers, yet still has lots of new material for the seasoned researcher. If you haven’t clicked on this one before then you haven’t seen this one. this is part 1, the follow up is linked,
ALL credit goes to the contributors named below. Please copy and share. I have compiled work from many sources. This film is for educational purposes, falling under the fair use and creative commons license. No money is intended to be made from this video. Use it freely. All video is credited to sources in the film, and I thank knowthetruth channel and Eric Dubay, QNFee, GeoShifter, Malcolm Bowden, Samuel Rowbotham aka parallax, The Civilian Space Team, Zetetic Flat Earth, my perspective’s Rory Cooper, Jesse Spots, Rob Skiba, and several more whom I will soon add to this list.
Btw…Earth cannot rotate around a light source…day and night would flip. You can do it yourself with a lamp. Every 6 months it would flip, one full rotation around the light = one year. Its very simple geometry. This is why you never played with orbits at school.

peace to all