The Drone Snatcher, SkyJack

Mike Paczesny | The Rundown Live

Hacker Samy Kamkar has released hardware and software that hackers can use to build a drone that seeks out other drones, takes them over, and turns them into an army of unmanned vehicles under his control. (super botnet)

SkyJack, uses a radio-controlled quadcopter drone carrying a Raspberry Pi circuit board, a small battery, and two wireless transmitters. The device attacks by seeking out wireless signals of nearby drones, hijacking the wireless connections used to control them, and gain access to controls and camera systems. SkyJack will also run on land-based Linux devices and hack drones within radio range.

500,000 Parrot drones have been sold since 2010.parrot-drone-640x394

Funny this makes its appearance the same week that Amazon unveiled plans to use drones to deliver packages.

How fun would it be to take over drones, carrying Amazon packages… or take over any other drones and make them my little zombie drones” – Samy Kamkar

Check out how SkyJack works here.