The Bilderberg Documents Revealed! Page 4. Meetings Are to Use Mind Control Tactics Such as the “Delphi Meeting System”. Still Used Today!



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Kristan T. Harris | June, 19 2013  5:32pm

Documents we broke courtesy of:  911 Disclosure Blog, Georgetown University and US Ambassador George C. McGhee show that the bilderberg meetings used a form of controlled meetings called “Delphi meetings”. These meetings usually require a bunch of shills at tables that deny any ideas outside of the pre-approved plan/s or pre conceived outcome/s. The delphi meeting undoubtedly was conceived at the Bilderberg meetings and given to a business interest to test the method of control.

These meetings are used to implement U.N. Agenda 21 ideology and guarantee the predetermined outcome is met.  These meetings are still used today in Sustainable Development/Smart Growth meetings and citizen planning meetings locally. “How do you want your town to look like in 2022 etc”.

Supposedly developed by the RAND Corporation as a cold war mind control technique, The Delphi system is used to channel a group of people to accept ones point of view. They impose their own ideas on you and lead you to believe they are your own ideas.  I should also point out this same technique was used in the 70’s & 80’s to convince general land owners to rezone their local city.

It can be used on any number of people from 1 person to the largest group.  How it works is trained facilitators present a variety of choices for the group but have manufactured it so they control the outcome. These are most commonly used in local meetings held by your city/county called ‘Vision Meetings’ to get your input on the city direction of 2022 etc.

Money for these meetings generally comes from the President’s Council of Sustainable Development in forms of grants given to your local government. The meetings are advertised as a great chance for you to give your input on exciting changes in your cities design.

The main point here is that you have NO input. Just comments and observations.  Any comments outside of the pre-approved plan will be written down and thrown away later. Only supportive comments on the pre-approved plan will be accepted. This gives the illusion of public buy-in and later your local official can point out that they held local meetings, people attended, they took comments and the community accepted the plan.

The private consultant agency hired is usually trained in giving these kind of meetings later announces here is YOUR plan. Speakers will usually include government officials, sometimes your mayor or council people. Representatives from your local non-profit organization, engineers and businesses who have interest in the development of their local community.

In these meetings the facilitator will show an impressive power point, stunning pictures of middle class families, colored handouts, parks, high speed trains and a pleasant utopia. They will show you a map asking which colored zone you would like your city to grow. It should be noted that property owners seldom if ever in these areas are invited to these meetings. Your input/ideas will be taken as you write them down with crayons and gold stars like kindergarteners.

During Delphi meetings people at the table are unaware that a large amount of people at their table have been briefed on the project and are told to manage their table. Yes, there are ‘shills’ at every table. In larger meetings they will be introduced as part of the organizing team and that this is an open forum discussion…

How is this bad? Well for example in Sustainable Development/Smart Growth most of our towns are providing funding and or infrastructure development for these private projects. They use REDEVLOPMENT AGENCY FUNDS. Your money and more specifically your property taxes. You will probably notice in your city that it has very little in general funds.

Funds are low and most of that will go to pay for police and fire departments. Your streetlights may be getting turned off, your roads pot holed, local parks torn apart, your local county hospitals may even be closing. The money that should have been used for these things have been re-directed to redevelopment. Oh and all the buildings have vacancies in overpriced tiny living quarters.

With redevelopment cities have the right to take property by eminent domain–against the will of the property owner and give it and give it or sell it to a private developer. By declaring an area of town ‘blighted’ (Some cities have over 90% declared blighted) the property taxes in that area then are diverted away from the General Fund.

This constriction of General Funds is impoverishing cities, forcing them to offer less and less services and reducing your standard of living. They’ll be telling us that its better, however, since they’ve put in nice street lights (Tapped with video cameras and sound recorders)  and colored paving downtown. The money eventually ends up handed out to the favored developers building low income housing and mixed use.

For more information please read Behind The Green Mask and or contact Liberal whistleblower Rosa Koire.