The Big Plantation – News & Mike Paczesny — 05/11/14

The Big Plantation – News & Mike Paczesny — 05/11/14

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

On this Sunday’s addition of the Big Plantation, Mozez Flowz is on hiatus on a lavish vacation.

We had Mike Paczesny from the Rundown on talking about Bilderberg 2014 and the current state of affairs in the world.

Getting in depth on the destruction of the family and a the weekly news run down.

Tune in next week to your favorite abolitionists on the one and only FPRN Radio Network.

Are you a slave? Is the USA a corporation? Is the USA a plantation? Do you sometimes feel like a cow being led to slaughter? How can there be debt and no Money? Is Fort Knox Empty? What happened on 911? Give up on the political process? Look into Anarchism Yet?

Many questions, many answers. Give our show a try.

We will break News in the Freedom Underground and share truth as soon as we can.

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