The Assassination Of A KGB Agent, Explained


Alexander Litvinenko will go down in history as one of the several Russian dissidents who was surreptitiously killed. But is it any mystery who may be involved with the murder of this former KGB agent?

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Alexander Litvinenko ‘assassinated to stop him exposing Vladimir Putin’s links to organised crime’
“Russian President Vladimir Putin is a “common criminal dressed up as a Head of State” who ordered the murder of Alexander Litvinenko to stop him exposing him, the inquiry heard.”

With his dying words, poisoned spy Alexander Litvinenko named Putin as his killer
“The spy, who had fled Russia for London, dictated a widely trumpeted statement just before his death. He fingered Putin. ‘You may succeed in silencing me, but that silence comes at a price,’ Alexander Litvinenko said.”

Litvinenko postmortem ‘most dangerous ever in western world’
“Dr Nathaniel Cary, the consultant forensic pathologist who examined Litvinenko’s body, said he and other officials examining the corpse wore not one but two protective suits, two pairs of gloves taped at the wrists and large battery-operated plastic hoods into which filtered air was piped.”

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