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Kristan T. Harris | July 15. 2013 | 4:16pm

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Todays mainstream news and media has become the public relations for the American government. The mouth piece of Uncle Sam.  Even the CIA has made it their intent to use your tax money to propagandize you with any ideology they feel fit. No real journalism or input. Just ideologies and opinions.

Using your tax dollars to subliminally target you through TV shows, movies, newspapers, magazines, music and even children’s programing . They could be promoting ideas like  “Obamacare is good” ,  to many people in the world ,  vaccines are good,  TSA are heroes,  freedom of speech is bad,  guns, and so on. It’s right on paper in the new update to the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012, passed as part of the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act. Your taxes being used to tell you what to believe. What a joke.

Do you want real news? If so, welcome to Full Disclosure with Ben Swann. Swann is a journalist who gets down to what is important at the end of the day. Not if Republicans won  or Democrats won but if the American people won.  Ben is most well-known for his segment titled “Reality Check” on Fox 19 where he held top officials accountable with a dagger of truth.  He is not afraid to ask the tough questions.

Full Disclosures core beliefs  are

1. Our culture is truth deficient. The historical centers of truth have broken down.

2. The average U.S. citizen has lost their voice to the affluent with money and power.

3. Voters are disenfranchised from the party system. The rise of “independents” has simply defined what people are not, but has struggled to bring clarity to who they are.

Sounds great? Well we need your help!

I started doing The Rundown Live  to spread liberty. Every day its a blessing to be able share and help the cause of liberty. We all have different gifts. Ben has dedicated his time to give us a  reputable voice. A honest media platform which will be relentless on informing the public with honest news. We all support the cause in many ways. Not everyone can write, or talk on radio. Not everyone has time to dedicate to the cause of freedom and liberty. You may have family or priorities that do not allow you to contribute. You may have no idea how to start or help. Well here is your chance to make a difference. You can donate as little as $1.00  or as much as your heart desires. We can all serve in some way. | DONATE HERE |

If you don’t want artificial and slighted news here is your chance! We endorse Ben Swann here at the Rundown Live lets show him some Brewcity (Milwaukee) love and help him reach his goal!


Which news would you rather have? The real story or what is read off of a teleprompter?



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