The American Flag Under Attack

July 4th, a time for fireworks, homemade apple pie , and reflection on the founding principals of the amazing experiment focused on individual freedom known as The United States of America.

That reflection has now devolved into rampant stupidity.

And as a socialist anti-capitalist virus spreads among the inherent generations across the fruited plain, the reflection on our founding principals gradually morphs into a tsunami of guilt.

The Daily Caller reports “Former Secretary of Labor in the Clinton administration and current University of California Berkeley professor Robert Reich wants Americans to be vigilant this July 4 against “exclusive patriotism” that “asserts a unique and superior ‘Americanism.’” “We hear a lot about patriotism, especially around the Fourth of July. But in 2016, we’re hearing about two very different types of patriotism. One is an inclusive patriotism that binds us together. The other is an exclusive patriotism that keeps others out,” Reich writes.

What Reich fails to point out is that there are also two sides to the reality crossing our borders. One… a divide and conquer agenda wielded by the lawless Obama Administration ignoring the illegal alien crime accounting for close to 40% of murders in many states, a hidden epidemic of child rape and mismanaged disease outbreaks. And the other… the actual exponential flow of immigrants entering the United States with no intention or requirement to assimilate into the inclusive patriotism that Reich naively includes these same immigrants in.

But why stop there. Americans need to be put in their place for their supposed overt criminal nationalism.

The Mclatchy DC reports “Samuel Adams, of Greeley, Colorado, didn’t think he was violating any rules when he decided to hang an American flag on his balcony railing. But management officials of his apartment complex left him a letter last week that compared the flag to clutter, and said it had to be removed.

The American Mirror reports “ As Americans show their love of country this Independence Day, they’re being forced to battle thieves, vandals and arsonists. Eric Irvin is resorting to increasing his home security to protect his American flag.”

This is The United States of America after 8 years of a President who has repeatedly misled an American populace he regards as pawns in a larger scheme under a banner of New World Order initiatives. Fly that flag America. Not as a symbol of disobedience, but one of the individual freedom this country has given you.

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