The 10 Most Restricted Areas on Earth

Mike Paczesny | The Rundown Live

Here are some places an average Joe like me or you will never be able to see inside. One might ask, why are these locations so secret?

Vatican Secret Archives

If you’ve read Angels and Demons or seen the Da Vinci Code, then you’ve probably heard about the Vatican archives. The archive contains numerous documents preserved within an airtight chamber. There is one area in particular within the archives that is strictly off limits to everyone. According to the archive’s secretary, this area contains information on the personal affairs of cardinals and information on annulled marriages.


Mount Weather

Out of a knee jerk reaction to Russia sending Sputnik 1 into outer space, the U.S. built the Mount Weather Operations Center located in Virginia. It’s basically a doomsday shelter for the president that comes complete with TV and radio stations for the president to address the nation. What’s interesting is that normal authorities aren’t allowed on the premises, the site actually has it’s own police and fire stations.


The Situation Room

You may have heard of the situation room, the room where the president and his advisers gather together to discuss life or death situations. This room can be found 50 feet below the West Wing and only the President and his advisers are allowed in.


Svalbard Global Seed Vault

Imagine a post apocalyptic world where all food sources were destroyed and famine began to set in, that’s where the Svalbard Global Seed Vault comes in. Located in Norway, this seed vault contains thousands of seeds of every existing plant in the world. In the event of a catastrophe like this, the seeds would be disbursed providing enough food to sustain the remaining human population.


Ise Grand Shrine

The Ise Grand Shrine is said to have been built all the way back in 4 B.C. It is the most sacred shrine in all of Japan. The only people allowed in the shrine are priests and priestesses who are a part of the imperial family.


North Sentinel Island

The Sentinelese are a tribe who live on North Sentinel Island just West of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the Bay of Bengal. This island is surrounded by jagged rocks and the tribe is one of the more secluded tribes in the world. Attempts to contact the tribe have ended in violence, such as with a director for a National Geographic film getting shot in the leg by a flying arrow.


Lascaux Caves

The Lascaux Caves, located in Southwest France, is home to some of the most beautiful prehistoric cave wall art around. The area was previously open to tourists until it was found that the large amounts of carbon dioxide the tourists were breathing out destroyed some of the paintings. Now only a select few of scientists are allowed to enter the caves.



Metro-2 is a rumored subway tunnel that Joseph Stalin supposedly had built in order to secretly transport government officials and secret agents. While this subway system may or may not exist, it’s interesting to know that there’s further information that says that the tunnel leads to a near by underground city that can fit up to 30,000 people if a war were to ever breakout.


Coca-Cola’s Recipe Vault

Coca-Cola’s original recipe is a very closely guarded secret. In fact it’s so closely guarded that Coca-Cola built an entire secretive vault that a few are allowed to open solely for that recipe. Is it going a little overboard, maybe, but when you’re the world’s number 1 beverage manufacturer you can never be too careful.


Room 39

Room 39 is said to be an area where nefarious crimes are committed like drug manufacturing, counterfeiting of US currency and financial fraud. This place is located in the Workers’ Party building in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea. North Korea in itself is one of the most highly restricted areas in the world.


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