Teen Killed: Police, High-Five Each Other

Teen Killed: Police, High-Five Each Other   (8/10/13)

Andrew Demeter

Honestly, I nearly turned a blind eye to this entire story, but then I realized how these examples of badge abuse play such a vital role in the whole conditioning process; we’re becoming so desensitized, so dehumanized, so fragmented from the very suffering of our brothers and sisters that we’ve grown accustomed and almost apathetic to police brutality. And that very sense of indifference and lack of empathy fabricate the Holocaust’s pretext… “Israel Hernandez passed away early Tuesday after being transported from police custody to a South Florida emergency room. He was pursued by the police after caught spray-painting an abandoned McDonald’s restaurant and was apprehended once a cop fired an electric charge from his Taser gun.”



  • this is horrible. they didn’t need to tase this boy. Sure, he ran but what actual crime did he commit. Defacing public property, is that a cause to die for. No those cops were in the wrong and they know it.