Team Nixie Wearable Drone – Behold The Future

Behold The Future…Video production continues to surprise us with new technologies like this wristband drone that can is a new innovation for filming extreme sports.

The worlds first wrist wearable hd selfie video camera drone. Watch as the crew tosses nixie the wrist wearable drone out to get a quick selfie. The wrist drone returns and you can strap it back on your wrist and go!

A camera that comes with you everywhere… and can fly.
With a gesture, Nixie takes off, captures the moment, and comes right back.

Nixie is a small camera-equipped drone that can be worn as a wrist band. Nixie can be activated to unfold into a quadcopter, fly in one of its pre-programmed modes to take photos or a video, and then return to the user. Competing against more than 500 other participants, Nixie’s developers became the winning team in the development track of the Intel’s Make It Wearable competition on November 3, 2014, thus securing $500,000 in seed funding to develop Nixie into a product. The developers stated their goal to develop the drone into the next generation of point-and-shoot cameras.

Nixie is a drone that unfolds into a quadcopter and is worn as a slap bracelet. It weighs 45 g or 0.1 lb captures full HD images or video, and syncs with a smartphone. The drone uses an Intel Edison chip. In October 2014, Nixie prototypes had good functionality, but lacked durability and design perfection. At that time, an important engineering challenge was to identify flexible, light, and durable materials to achieve the look of concept renderings. In November 2014, an updated prototype added image recognition capabilities to identify the user, and the primary goals were improving propellers, motors, and object navigation. The overall goal for the project was stated as building a light, portable, and user-friendly drone that could serve as a “personal photographer”. Accordingly, the drone was named after a playful water spirit Nixie of Germanic mythology. In the media, Nixie has been described as a “wearable selfie drone”and as a “wearable camera drone”. The developers emphasized that Nixie is intended for taking framing-worthy pictures and videos, not only selfies.


Introducing Nixie: the first wearable camera that can fly