Hawthorne Pet Shooting, A Reaction

Tea Mage

Well this is sure insane… OK, first off, a couple days ago I did something I normally never do, or usually never do here. I censored myself from posting this new Hawthorne PD video, due to the fact that the cops shoot a dog, because it’s graphic. I do this with gory/raw war stuff too I guess, since I’m sure my fb wall already turns away plenty of mouth breathers raised on GMO corn and a combo of NFL and Dancing With The Stars. Zing! (ok, enough sarcasm for now). I really shouldn’t censor anything though. Fundamentally, ideologically, I’m against censorship completely.

So let’s start first with this “small” youtube channel. This Daniel guy does nothing all day but ride his bicycle and record the extremely corrupt (and very “average” and “normal” in modern times) Hawthorne, CA police department. Here is his channel, and I have been following him for some time:


Coincidentally, that will become more relevant.

Most of the time, when being videotaped, the Hawthorne PD (as most PD’s in the US tend to do) uses deceptive language and lies (which actually are LEGAL if the police do to you, but are ILLEGAL if you do to them) to threaten, or even arrest Daniel Saulmon. Some of his videos are absolutely hilarious, some are boring, some make your blood boil, and ALL are a legitimate reality-snapshot at the bogus revenue generation, guilty-until-proven-innocent mentality, and power abuse that is dominant in the modern police state of the US, metaphorically viewed time-and-time again through the Hawthorne PD. Thank God for the innerwebs, riiiiight?

So, fast forward past this rando’s youtube channel for now. This is the noted viral video from this week where a man is seen video taping the police, in public, as is ALWAYS protected under your 1st amendment rights, says even the supreme court. Always film.

The man puts his dog in the car after videotaping, is approached and immediately arrested based on the vengeful emotions of two officers who had no probable cause for detainment (THE single catalyst for this sad story). As any good dog would do, it eventually jumps out the window, and RESTRAINS itself from attacking the officers, while it barks with extreme concern and passion. Instead of de-escalating the situation (which is the basic job description of a peace officer, referee, bouncer, or real MAN), or even putting the handcuffed innocent man in front of them to attempt to calm his own dog, they escalate the situation (again). The man who draws his pistol waves his hand directly in front of the barking dog’s mouth, and as it jumps upwards he kills the dog with several shots.

I thought this was the end of this saga, and the reason why I did not post it on my already annoying, busy wall. However, I was wrong.

The link here digs deeper, and come to find out, this cop in the viral video is none other than Lt Scott Swain… From our buddy Daniel’s little youtube channel! What do we find out? This Scott Swain already shot a man with downs syndrome who allegedly was holding a screwdriver. I want to stress from the videos of this department, that this is NOT one bad apple. There are countless videos of this police department online, which is NOT special. It just has something unique happening around it that makes it on the radar now — it exists in a community where groups of people have become ACTIVE and UNAFRAID to exercise their right to film police in public.


For every video exposing scum like Lt Scott Swain, who will probably get a paid vacation and return to his job, once again, there are thousands of cases undocumented. Always film. I’m still blown away that out of the slew of of police shooting dogs for no, ahem, ok questionable reason (many that are chained up still), this video that went viral happened to be from good ol’ Hawthorne PD. The odds… Anyways, always film.

It’s proof that men in costumes MAY be able to be held accountable, if communities as active as Hawthorne, with enough badass people who aren’t afraid of a potential police beatdown, lies, extortion, threats, false arrests, guns pointed at their faces, many made up felony charges like Daniel S has experienced, or even DEATH, stand up to the gang of enforcers of revenue-generation based on victimless crimes, such as the war on drugs (amongst seat belt tickets, etc). The war on drugs is KEY to a modern revenue-generating police force. There is a reason why time and-time-and-time-again evidence comes out that PD’s won’t hire employees above a certain IQ – they are not good order takers, and might actually listen to someone from an organization like L.E.A.P. (omg scary!) Shit, this year the courts out east backed up the police practice of hiring only below a set IQ threshold and ruled it completely legal! Before that case was in the news it was risky to publicly decry that PD’s hired less than a certain-IQ level people! You might get verbally scolded by some silly simple skeptics that suspect you of making up some fake judicial court cases. Har. The war on drugs is the same thing as the war on alcohol was. Prohibition is about control. I value my military and police friends that have actually shown me these perspectives, from all angles. Especially the ones who have to deal with the Al Capones of modern days, seeing the picturesque version of prohibition. Some of my friends are just those cops. Hardest job, most interaction. But what are we holding onto with these quote, pro-active, end quote, police policies?

Most of the western world ended slavery in the 1800’s without bloodshed. Some countries such as Brazil, who had more slaves than even the US, set an example of what could happen without an autocratic government hell-bent on total economic control of every person and organization, which is what Washington DC was even in the mid 1800’s. The US was late to the party, and decided from Washington to fund through debt, and fight a ridiculous and unnecessary Civil War destroying many good men’s lives, led by a sly lawyer who made money in cases prosecuting runaway slaves, and wanted to ship all the blacks back to Africa, and wanted to make slavery legal in the US Constitution (Abe Lincoln, look it up). What an embarrassment. Nationalism (a religious belief) through public schools has sadly and wrongly taught us now that the civil war was fought to end slavery. Bullshit.

What’s slavery got to do with police brutality, though? It’s the same thing as the war on drugs. Slavery and the war on drugs are almost the same issue from the global banks and power structures’ perspectives. Without drug prohibition, the US wouldn’t have 4% of the world’s population, and 25+% of its prisoners. By definition, this is the LEAST FREE country on earth. We have more people per-capita, AND in gross numbers, in CAGES, than anywhere else, and it’s not even close. At all. (US – 2.29 mil, China – 1.65 mil) We have public health care where you’re forced to buy insurance, but PRIVATE prisons, which is a growing industry, where DA’s and government officials are getting caught taking bribes to send innocents (mostly blacks) to send to prison for usually NOTHING. Why did slavery take so long to end in the US? It wasn’t in the interest in the power elite, who owned most of them. Why is drug prohibition going to take so long in the US (not state-by-state, but federal)? Because the people in Washington are funded by the few corporate megabanks who control the global drug trade financing, like Wells Fargo. We are once again late to the party. As many places around the world decriminalize drugs, because it’s just too damn inefficient to militarily jail a large portion of your nonviolent population, we up our prison count. How long will it last? As long as we let it, and keep unquestioningly obeying anyone with a costume. How charmingly Soviet of us. Can’t we just film it on our phones at least? Please? Film, you know, like outside?

I’m weary of boot-lickers trying to personalize ANY criticism of the systematic nature of what police, military, or any violent force unjustly does as its M.O. … What a simpleton tactic. Sadly, most don’t understand their intellect is trained to lead immediately to a red-herring argument. “Most cops are great guys.” NO SHIT. Most of cops I have known, some since childhood, are some of the best guys I know. Period. Always have been. Most are guys I would trust with my life. And ALL of them do a job I would not wish to do myself. HOWEVER, and this is one of the points of being critical of statism, within a year or two on the force, most have bragged about all kinds of things, many times violent, where they beat the shit out of someone, “showed this guy who’s boss,” or stories where they trick someone into admitting to committing a crime (and by crime, I mean obstruction, loitering, etc.) All kinds of stuff like that. Do I consider them guys I wouldn’t trust, etc? NO. Are most of the guys they choose to abuse their power over bad members of society? I’m certain of it. Am I smart enough to understand what disgusting statism, nationalism, and costumes do to someone? Yes. This is the difference, and the reason I have zero tolerance for a person who wishes to engage in discussion around the topic of systemic police corruption and bad policy in lieu of instead personalizing everything. The argument goes nowhere. No one wins.


“Put yourself in our shoes, etc” … Yeah, I do. That’s the damn point. The job requires tyrannical action and shitty militarized-policy that abuses peacefully-acting individuals. I wish that wasn’t the job, believe me! Don’t you get it? To succeed at the job requires to succeed in thoughtlessly enacting these measures the same way I thoughtlessly shoot a free throw, or my grandfather thoughtlessly dropped bombs on Berlin in the 1940’s. In these examples, are we still deep people with deep thoughts? YES. But, are our actions thoughtless, aka, second-nature due to extensive repetition designed to minimize variants? YES. “Do I have to do this to succeed in larger-goals A, B or C?” Yes. “Ok – I’ll do it.” Some amazing people commit tyranny the hardest, like every page on every ancient history book.

I’d rather focus on policy. Police training encourages unlawful action (but usually somehow “legal”) on the daily. Revenue generation. That’s the point. Right there. The rebuttal usually details the majority of time with certain departments spent responding to calls, etc, and I’m not disputing that. I’m talking about total policy changes you can see going on in front of you. The ability to illegally detain a man such as the videotaping citizen here without suspecting a crime, without any regard for the duty to uphold the US Constitution that they swore to protect, is the point. You can fib your way through the process, but it happens hundreds of times daily, and it’s all over youtube and constantly analyzed, and is so easily understood as a modern phenomenon. If you just for fun, try and fib your way through all these instances that are uploaded daily, you realize you’d become quite the bullshitter.

I will close it with a very personal thing that I have never shared on fb before, and with very few people in general. I was in a random conversation with a couple police one time, and one was an older vet who I didn’t know of until moments before. He had no idea who I was. Within two minutes, a story arises where he shot and killed a man, who I think was probably a bad man. As I listened to his description of play-by-play, and how it felt to pull the trigger and watch this man’s life expire, he expressed in non-eloquent terms, how amazing it felt to know that this guy was done. This blob of a human being in costume had a mini-orgasm right in front of me and told this story with a smile. He described the pleasure of being able to do what he did. I will never, ever forget this moment, and it helps drive my perspective of “right versus wrong.” Forever. I’m going to assume it was a just self-defense action, just for my own sake. I’m going to pretend I would have done the same thing. Here’s the difference: I KNOW that if I had to protect myself with my firearm, God forbid, as a human being, nothing has ever been beaten into me enough, brainwashed into me enough, assimilated through “brotherhood and gang costume” into me enough to know that even if I was in the right to end another man’s life, that I could brag with a smile and elaborate on the feelings of joy that it brought me to destroy what God has made. Impossible. Never, under any circumstance, and in this my confidence is unwavering.

Tea Mage on Cops Shooting Dog

This Hawthorne PD dude who has ended a mentally-challenged guy’s life, who supposedly wielded a screwdriver, and now a dog who didn’t attack anyone, and who has been caught swindling and lying on other tapes, will probably benefit from the gang-mentality that socially-funded collectives ALWAYS enjoy. He will probably sleep at night, and puff out his chest when he goes to work. I have followed hundreds of stories of cops over the years who get away with killing people on technicalities, and enjoy 1/10th the prison stay (in the very rare cases that they even do time) compared to non-violent humans caught in possession of Harvard-invented mind-expanding substances like LSD. Or plants which have been used in every society on earth since human findings show, like cannabis and psychedelic mushrooms and teas, etc. It’s so crystal clear how this era of history will play out if and when the human species advances to love itself more completely, in whatever the next echelon brings. It’s clear what side of history I strive to be on. The side that perceives an individual’s action as an individual’s action. If the action is swayed by a policy, to a negative action, analyze the policy. When the policy is to not accost citizens filming as it is freedom of the press and free speech, and thousands of cases arise, and many end up going horribly wrong, such as this one, it can at least be a serious topic of discussion. If it’s not, then why isn’t it? Unfortunately, maybe many people don’t see it as worth discussing. If that’s true, then why is THAT?!

There is a war on for your mind. Flag, song, costume, treaty, you know right and wrong when you see it. You can make up your own mind.


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  • SimFan

    Right or wrong, when the dog jumped out and came at them a new issue unfolded. Most everyone I talk to says they would not have chanced that dog deciding to attack and would have put it down too. They wouldn’t have been happy about it, wouldn’t have felt proud, and wouldn’t have felt macho, but they’d have done it.

    “Pepperspray!” you claim? I’ve seen a video where a dog was peppersprayed and still attacked.

    So while I think it was tragic and needless and the cops were unfairly harassing the guy, I don’t blame them for shooting the dog. At least THIS time it wasn’t leashed up.