Stypes – Nobody For President

Stypes – Nobody For President
produced by : Incise
written by : Adam Mason / Aaron Curran
directed by : Ian Hitre

Stypes – Nobody for President

(verse 1) it started of the people, by the people, for the people to run by corporate greed and now they can’t afford the people still most don’t give a f@&k like they never even heard about the TPP of the Federal Reserve Uncle Sam pulled the wool but I see what you giving me I know the difference between freedom and liberty while the campaign sticker reads “Nobody for President” f@&k your citizenship bitch I’ll be a resident while you follow the rules, it’s more than just fossil fuels land of the free and home of the cruel refuse to be fooled, still a victim of the trickery fast food full of fear the villain is a mystery and that’s the shit you see cause they know where to find ya switch it up now and the just to remind ya so they can cash in that check after they’re done loving us show us a little respect

(chorus) of the people, by the people, for the people, all the people

(verse 2) they said it’s of the people and it’s for the people but they f@%k the people and they ignore the people convinced that those people are better than you people? every 4 years you get the lesser of 2 evils single file line for that voting booth represent, pick the one the television told you to it’s a broken system, keep rolling with it participate, close schools open prisons go parole? I’ll tell you never in your life pitch the catcher in the rye pray it get better when you die cynical, silly kids can”t be serious saying that they’re free when they don’t know what freedom really is freedom is ugly, freedom is beautiful but with these people freedom’s unusual learn the laws you live, the words it’s written in you ain’t been free since you got that birth certificate you wanna drive a car? “i’m gonna need to see a license for that” you wanna go fishing? “i’m gonna need to see a license for that” you wanna get married? “i’m gonna need to see a license for that” but you fail to realize, that license’s a trap so when the police come you got the right to be nervous you ain’t free, it says it right on your permit you bought it all and it’s supposed to be free it’s hard to break loose from those chains you cant see