Study Suggests Drinking Beer Can Help Prevent Alzheimer’s

Jonathan Schoenfeld | ANTIMEDIA

Apparently, a beer a day keeps the doctor away.

Resent research on beer consumption has given us all a reason to raise a celebratory glass. In fact, folks may be toasting a lot more once they find out that studies show beer can prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Scientists found an active compound that is produced by hops, a common ingredient in beer, called Xanthohumol (Xn).

The study indicates that Xn has neuroprotective properties that can protect against neurological cell oxidation and combat free radicals. The neuroprotective function helps keep neurological cells healthy and protected from free radicals known to cause cell damage and cancer.

“We synthesized Xn with a total yield of 5.0% in seven steps and studied its neuroprotective function against oxidative-stress-induced neuronal cell damage in the neuronlike rat pheochromocytoma cell line PC12. Xn displays moderate free-radical-scavenging capacity in vitro.”

Additionally scientist have discovered that Xn can also increase and regulate genes that support healthy neurological function. More specifically it activates Nrf2 which is known to protect against neurological damage.

“Our results demonstrate that Xn is a novel small-molecule activator of Nrf2 in neuronal cells and suggest that Xn might be a potential candidate for the prevention of neurodegenerative disorders.”

Most people were already aware of the health benefits of drinking wine in moderation, now drinking beer in moderation can be held on the same pedestal. So raise your glass and toast to the fact that your supporting neurological health, and prolonging and preventing neurodegenerative disorders. But keep in mind, you can have too much of a good thing.

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