Study: Monsanto’s GMO Corn Damages Liver, Kidneys, Disrupts Hormones

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More bad news out on GMOs. A highly controversial paper by Professor Gilles-Eric Seralini and his colleagues has been republished after an intense peer-review process. The study has identified serious health impacts on rats that were fed so-called Roundup Ready GMO corn.

The original study that was published in Food and Chemical Toxicology in 2012 found a disturbing degree of liver and kidney damage, as well as major hormonal disruption in rats fed the GM corn, and that the low levels of Roundup are actually below the amount permitted in drinking water in the EU.

The Editor in Chief of FCT retracted the paper in November 2013 after a sustained campaign of criticism and defamation by pro-GMO groups and scientists. But now, the study is out again, republished by Environmental Sciences Europe. In its republished version, material was added to address the criticisms of the original publication.

Additionally, the raw data of the study’s findings were also published, which improves upon the transparency of industry findings about Roundup, which were not released to the public.

The new paper was subjected to major scrutiny via peer review.

“This study has now successfully passed no less than three rounds of rigorous peer review,” said Claire Robinson, the editor of GMOSeralini. The first of these reviews came from Food and Chemical Toxicology, which passed it with very minor revisions. The second review involved a non-transparent examination of the data provided by Professor Seralini by a secret panel of unnamed persons organized by the Editor in Chief of FTC, the original publication.

Among the study’s findings:

  • “Biochemical analyses confirmed very significant chronic kidney deficiencies, for all treatments and both sexes; 76% of the altered parameters were kidney-related.
  • “In treated males, liver congestions and necrosis were 2.5 to 5.5 times higher. Marked and severe nephropathies were also generally 1.3 to 2.3 times greater.
  • “In females, all treatment groups showed a two- to threefold increase in mortality, and deaths were earlier.
  • “This difference was also evident in three male groups fed with GM maize.
  • “All results were hormone- and sex-dependent, and the pathological profiles were comparable.
  • “Females developed large mammary tumors more frequently and before controls;
  • “the pituitary was the second most disabled organ;
  • “the sex hormonal balance was modified by consumption of GM maize and Roundup treatments.
  • “Males presented up to four times more large palpable tumors starting 600 days earlier than in the control group, in which only one tumor was noted.
  • “These results may be explained by not only the non-linear endocrine-disrupting effects of Roundup but also by the overexpression of the EPSPS transgene or other mutational effects in the GM maize and their metabolic consequences.
  • “Our findings imply that long-term (2 year) feeding trials need to be conducted to thoroughly evaluate the safety of GM foods and pesticides in their full commercial formulations.”

From the study itself:

“Taken together, the significant biochemical disturbances and physiological failures documented in this work reveal the pathological effects of these GMO and R treatments in both sexes, with different amplitudes.

They also show that the conclusion of the Monsanto authors that the initial indications of organ toxicity found in their 90-day experiment were not ‘biologically meaningful’ is not justifiable.

We propose that agricultural edible GMOs and complete pesticide formulations must be evaluated thoroughly in long-term studies to measure their potential toxic effects.”

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