Stewart Applauds Rand Paul For Using Filibuster Over Drones Issue ‘Worth Kicking Up A Fuss For’

Jon Stewart tonight briefly addressed today’s filibuster by Senator Rand Paul, acknowledging that while he doesn’t see eye-to-eye on much with the Kentucky senator, he credited his attempt to make a very public fuss over whether the government can order drone strikes on American citizens on U.S. soil. The rest of the segment was devoted to Head Start and conservative opposition to President Obama calling for universal pre-school, with Stewart asking what, if not children’s education, the country should invest in.

Stewart was stunned to find that Paul was actually doing a “good old-fashioned actual talkie filibuster” like the kind our grandparents used to see, highlighting how attorney general Eric Holder basically said in a letter to Paul that technically speaking, they would necessarily rule it out. Stewart praised Paul for using the filibuster “the way it’s meant to be used” and said that “drone oversight is one [issue] certainly worth kicking up a fuss for.”